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Lose weight and keep it off with organic food and positive mindset.

I have heard many people say “but I don’t eat much, I can’t understand why I am still gaining”.   Why can’t I lose weight?  Hmm, there certainly is a lot of talk about weight loss diets, the obesity epidemic, healthy diets, etc.  Never before in the history of mankind, has there been so much pressure put on people to look a certain way, act a certain way and think a certain way.   Never before has there been so much information easily accessible either.  Weight loss should not be difficult.  Keeping weight off should not be difficult either.  Why is it then?  I believe that one major reason in a lot of cases is that weight gain is a symptom of our modern lifestyle rather than the real issue.

What stops us from keeping weight off when we lose it.

Emotional issues, along with too much pressure surrounding achievement, mortgage repayments, high-pressure jobs, being good parents, etc., etc., are all high on the list of making it difficult to lose weight.  Exhausting!  These can drive us to over consume comfort food to feel better.  We know that food will serve that need in the short-term.  The result is more weight to deal with and the initial problem or issue is most likely still with us!  We have also gained another issue, that of even more weight to lose.  That completes the vicious cycle of trying to lose weight.

How can we stop the vicious cycle of weight gain and improve our health?

Emotional upsets are part of life; many of them are out of our control.  Unless we live a charmed life, something will always be out there waiting to come along and cause either a major or minor problem.  How we deal with the upset will determine if we have to carry the weight along with us as well.  Focus on the health benefits rather than the “I must lose weight” focus.  When you have this type of focus it’s easier to find an appropriate diet that maintains your health while you lose the weight you intend.  Be sure that you compliment yourself, know yourself as the valuable and unique person that you are and be confident that you can forge ahead and smash the diet you have chosen.   Dieting like most other things that are undertaken does take effort and time to achieve results.



Some helpful tips and information while on a diet.

  • Always have water with you and try to drink about 2 liters (approx 4.5 pt) a day.
  • Keep some apples that you can eat in between meals if you’re hungry.
  • If your chosen diet suggests salads for lunch, ensure you read the label if you are adding cold meats to the salad.  Make sure the meat is all meat with nothing added that could increase your weight.
  • A before photo sometimes works as a motivational boost.
  •  In the first week of a new diet, you can usually expect to lose a few kilo.  However, this is mostly water.  The next week the weight loss should be less and this is normal.  In fact, losing weight too quickly can result in health side effects.
  • Do make sure you find a way to reward and praise yourself each week.  You made a decision and you are sticking with that decision.  If you deviate from your diet every now and again, don’t be harsh on yourself, return to the diet and stay positive.
  • Do make time to do some exercise.  The endorphin released during exercise will boost your mood.

Our food is changing

The New York Times published an article 2013/05/26 tilted “breeding the nutrition out of our food”.   In this article, they referenced a quote from the Greek Physician, Hippocrates.  This was said nearly 2,500 years ago.  “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”  This article talks about what has been happening to our food.  It is worthwhile learning about food in our modern world, it has changed and this article from the New York Times is a good start.  We also have the added concerns of food that is not grown organically.  However, many large stores are now stocking organically grown food as a choice

What’s next

There are many diets on the net to try out.  I personally have tried a very low carb, high protein diet in the past.  I did take a multivitamin supplement with this diet.  It should be noted that not all supplements have been shown to have an effect but in the multivitamin mix, you should get the benefit of absorption of some of the minerals and vitamins if not all.  To be safe, always check with your doctor prior to starting an exercise program and diet.  The diet that I used, I found that I did not need to do a lot of exercise and weights for my body to gain some definition.  I was not looking for a great body built look, more a nicely toned body look.  This type of diet worked for me but there is evidence out there that not all people react the same way to the same foods eaten.  I did not need to stay on this diet for a long period of time.  My strategy was to lose weight from a diet I could easily transition to maintaining my goal weight.

I would recommend you read about the vitamins and minerals in different foods and what foods are considered detrimental to a healthy well-maintained weight.  This type of information is helpful to maintain your weight and fitness level once you are at your desired weight.

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I wish you a healthy and fulfilling life.





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