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First of all, a very big welcome and heartfelt thanks to you for dropping in on my blog. This page is about why this website was created.   My objective in my articles is to make the message I have to be clear, accurate and inspiring. There are many, many delightful recipes for not only food but for life in general.  This blog aims to take a holistic view of our lives with a particular focus on the benefits of Organic and Non-GMO food ingredients.


A typical day – I’d hit the ground running when the alarm penetrated my dreams forcing me to wake up. I’d climb out of bed feeling as though I was so lacking in sleep. I would stumble to the kitchen, have that first cup of coffee and wait for it to kick in.  Then it all started, the breakfast race against time while trying desperately to organize the kid/s for school as well as trying to get him/them to eat something supposedly nutritious before he/they left for school.  Hmm, already stressed!!!  I hadn’t even got into the traffic nightmare that was inevitably waiting for me. After a long day at the office, and a long commute back home, energy levels were depleted. To go to the supermarket on top of this every three or so days, was almost too much of a challenge.  Hence the fast food option was the most attractive option for that night’s dinner. I shelved the guilt and tried hard not to remember the homegrown fruit and vegetables my own parents nourished us with while I was growing up.


Other parents would cram in other activities with their children, like ballet lessons, singing lessons etc., all of this adding an extra drain on energy levels and pushing up stress levels to fit within time constraints.

It is no wonder that minor and serious illnesses are on the increase!

It was the above type of lifestyle/rut that eventually caught up with me.  The poor eating, the stress, the lack of action for my own well being, contributed to anxiety and stomach issues. However, for me, it started me on a journey to find answers.  Answers to questions that would help myself and others avoid the same pitfalls that are so prevalent in our modern life.  How can we minimize our stress and enjoy a happier, healthier lifestyle?

My wish for you is to enjoy accompanying me on this journey. Together we will learn about Organic/non-g.m.o. food and lifestyle.   Consequently, we will experience a much healthier and happier life than you could imagine.

I would also like to inform all my readers when any health information is posted on this site, or through linkages to other sites, this should not be used as a substitute for medical or professional care, and you should not use the information without prior consultation with your physician or other healthcare providers.

Thanks for reading and healthy organic eating to you!


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